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7529 Standish Place Suite 102 | Rockville, MD 20855 | Phone: 240.314.7114 | Fax: 240.243.2272

About Pinnacle

Pinnacle provides traditional General Contracting services, where we self-perform at the most critical stages, from the building's foundation to the finishing carpentry, we ensure that projects start promptly and finish on schedule. We seamlessly combine the work of our trades people and subcontractors in order to deliver work on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.


J.C. Grimberg, the owner of Pinnacle Construction Inc. has been working in the Construction Industry for 29 years. He began working in the Construction Industry as an Estimator, after graduating from the University of Maryland, where initially he worked for his father, a prominent and award winning General and Mechanical Contractor that has been established in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan area since 1951. Rapidly, he outgrew his position as an Estimator and advanced to a leadership position as a Project Manager, where he successfully managed large-scale multi-million dollar projects from their inception to their completion in both the private (commercial) and public (government) sectors. Subsequently, after successfully working as Project Manager for multiple years in his family’s business, he decided to start his own business as a General Contractor.

He went from small commercial projects in the private sector to medium-scale projects in both the private and public sectors. After running a successful business  as  a General Contractor  for over a decade, he and his business partner had different visions of how they wanted to grow the business in the future and decided to separate, where he could fulfill his vision—Pinnacle Construction Inc.

He has built relationships with vendors, suppliers, subcontractors, and design professional over the last three decades. He has gained the expertise, along with the relationships needed to be successful in the Construction industry.

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