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Pinnacle’s Safety Program and Procedures

General Safety Procedures

Pinnacle plans to achieve worker safety and health by adhering to the following safety procedures.

  • Using a Qualified Safety Person
  • Making Regular Job Site Safety Inspections
  • Enforcing the Use of Safety Equipment
  • Following Safety Procedures and Rules
  • Providing On-going Safety Training
  • Enforcing Safety Rules and Using Appropriate Disciplines
  • Conducting and Submitting a Weekly Site Inspection Report
  • Conducting a Safety Check Weekly

Job On-Site Safety

After inspecting a job site, the safety person or other designated person will identify and evaluate all potential hazards for the following safety issues.

  • Injury Severity Potential
  • Probability of an Accident

This qualified safety person will also appraise the skill and knowledge level of exposed workers.

Appropriate Training will be given—if needed.

  • Hazards will be Pointed Out
  • Necessary Precautions will be Explained
  • The Higher the Hazard the More Detailed the Training

Records will be maintained for all training sessions with descriptions of topics covered and names of workers trained. These records will be turned in weekly to the respective Project Manager associated with Pinnacle Construction Inc..






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