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Providing Construction Management from commencement to completion of each project.
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Pinnacle's pre-construction is beneficial in maintaining established cost and estimated time needs.
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Our Bonding Program allows your business to maximize growth potential by lowering the barriers to a substantial increase in your bonding program.
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Let us help you grow your construction business faster and your small business quicker.


A General Contracting firm based in Rockville, Maryland, specializing in demolition, new construction, renovations, construction management and business services.


Pinnacle is committed to excellence and customer service. We strive to complete every project with a stellar safety record, within budget and ahead of schedule. Pinnacle has the technical competence required to excel in all types of construction.


Pinnacle employs the US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual EM 385-1-1 for all projects as well as other applicable safety and occupational health requirements. We enforce the use of prescribed safety and health equipment and are diligent in resolving and reporting unsafe conditions as well as proactively taking steps to avoid actions and conditions that could cause accidents in the first place.


Pinnacle uses Microsoft Project (MSP) as the primary electronic tool to document and plan projects. We regularly evaluate and adjust work plans to include any modifications required to keep the project on schedule. We evaluate any post-award Owner requirements or emergent conditions in this same manner and will advise the Owner of any potential time/cost impacts associated with required or proposed changes.


Effective quality control is vital to the successful completion of any construction project. Pinnacle uses the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers "Three Phases of Control." With frequent communication and coordination, we employ proactive best practices such as look-ahead projections, frequent team meetings and releasing long-lead equipment for production and delivery as soon as possible.


The first step is to break down the work into manageable activities needed to accomplish the scope of each deliverable, estimating durations, and placing activities in the most efficient sequence. Pinnacle employs work breakdown structures (WBS) as the basis for scheduling and we stress input from subcontractors regarding resources, long-lead items, major construction equipment, or needed facility and utility support equipment.


Pinnacle allocates from MSP to an Excel budget projection. The project manager monitors budget projections in order to ensure that cost tracks as planned and that anomalies are identified for rapid resolution. We maintain frequent and open communications with the Owner in order to minimize surprises. Routine reviews at assigned levels facilitate good communication from the working level up through senior management.


In conjunction with scheduled reviews, written reports provide the basis in fact for decision-making. The project manager submits periodic status reports to the Owner as required by contract. These reports highlight accomplishments, project work for the coming period, identify issues to be resolved, provide subcontractor status, and update risk assessments.

Pinnacle Construction Inc. realizes that our success depends on the quality of our subcontractors and vendors that we work with to complete our projects. .